Revolutionize Your Content Creation with bstarAI.

Generate Unique Content with OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Create Unique Content Instantly with bstarAI

AI Content Creator.

Create Unique Content Instantly with bstarAI.

Create Quality Images with bstarAI.

AI Image Generator

Create Quality Images with bstarAI.

Learn more abour our integrations.

AI Integrations.

Learn more abour our integrations.

Domaintools.QRcode generator. 140+ little helpers.

Little helper tools.

Domaintools.QRcode generator. 140+ little helpers.


Unlock the Potential of OpenAI Technology.

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Revolutionize Your Content Creation.

bstarAI Content Creator is a powerful artificial intelligence-based content creation tool designed to help businesses save time and money while increasing the quality of their content. With bstarAI Content Creator, users can leverage OpenAI AI technology to generate unique and plagiarism-free content, as well as improve existing content in multiple languages. This tool also features OpenAI DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, which allow users to generate images simply by describing the image they want to create. With bstarAI Content Creator, businesses can optimize their content production workflow and maximize their content output without disruption.


  • Access over 60 content templates for rapid and efficient content creation
  • Produce AI-generated images and eliminate the hassle of manually naming image or photo sources.
  • Inquire about anything and receive accurate answers from our advanced business chatbots.
  • Gain access to over 3,000 chat prompts designed to assist you with specific tasks.
  • Optimized to streamline processes and tasks, our solution caters to a diverse range of professionals including agencies, assistants, business owners, copywriters, HR personnel, marketers, productivity enthusiasts, sales specialists, startups, and support teams.
  • With a bstarOne license, you will receive one user account that allows for a monthly word count limit of 100,000 words and the ability to create up to 500 AI images.
Included in bstarOne package.

As a subscriber of bstarOne,
1 user license of bstarAI is already included. Additional licenses can be added at any time.

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Next Level Content Creation with bstarAI.

AI Image and Audio creator

bstarAI Image & Audio Creator is the perfect tool to create stunning visuals and audio files quickly and efficiently. With the help of OpenAI DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, users are able to generate beautiful images simply by describing what they want. Additionally, users can create professional-quality voice-over audio files using text snippets. Plus, this creator can also convert audio to text snippets. With the help of bstarAI, business owners can create quality visuals and audio in no time.

  • Generate High Quality Images
  • Turn Text into Professional Audio
  • Create audio transcription from files
  • bstarOne license includes creating of 500 AI images und unlimited Text<>Audio transcoding per month

AI implementations into bstarOne

bstarAI Implementations provide businesses with advanced AI capabilities to give them a competitive edge. Our comprehensive suite of AI tools and applications can help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Our AI-driven solutions are designed to be tailored to your specific needs, so you can get the most out of your business. Aside of our application bstarAI Content Creator, we implemented AI tech in the following bstarOne apps & tools.

  • bstarDesk
  • bstarSocial
  • bstarMailer
  • bstarDomainTools
  • bstarDocs
  • bstarPixa (coming soon)

Achieve More with bstarTools

With bstarTools, you can get access to the DomainTools feature, that is designed to streamline the domain name search process. Additionally, you can create custom QR codes with the QR Generator, and have access 140+ web-based tools to help streamline business operations.

  • Check the availability of domain names, generate random domain names, and perform various domain-related functions such as Whois, DNS, reverse IP, and domain location checking
  • Supports 520+ TLDs
  • Our bulk domain generator feature makes it easy to generate multiple domain name ideas at once
  • AI Domain Name Generator
  • QRcodes generator
  • URL shortener
  • 140 little helpers
  • bstarOne license includes 1 user account with unlimited access