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At bstardigital, our primary objective is to support digital business owners in the effective building and management of their businesses. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals of acquiring more customers and driving sales. Providing you with essential tools and resources is our purpose, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed in the digital landscape.

Local partner

Local partner

bstardigital Local Partner is an innovative solution that helps entrepreneurs and agencies provide world-class digital business solutions to local businesses. By joining forces, entrepreneurs and agencies can provide tailored solutions to their local customers. With bstardigital Local Partner, entrepreneurs and agencies can offer a comprehensive suite of digital products and services, from basic website design and development to complex, full-scale digital marketing strategies.

Online partner

Online partner

Are you an entrepreneur or agency looking to earn extra income? Join bstardigital’s Sales Partner program and enjoy multiple commission levels for bringing in new customers. With our world-class business solutions, you can generate a reliable source of income while helping entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their goals. Take advantage of this opportunity and start earning commission fees today!

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Join the bstardigital Sales Partner program and earn commission fees for the long haul! We've got multiple commission levels to choose from, and you'll get rewarded every time you bring in a new customer with a valid subscription. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn some extra cash!

Example 20% commission fee: 1st month: you would acquire 10 customers, which each would pay 50 USD per month. You earn 100 USD in the first month. 2nd month: you get 15 more customers who pay 50 USD each. You earn 100 USD from the previous 10 customers, plus 150 USD for new customers. In total, 250 USD for the 2nd month.

If you're running an online business or an influencer looking to sell online and make extra bucks, this program is for you.

Our local partners have a unique opportunity to offer the people of their city and region the best-in-class services provided by bstardigital.

Leverage the power of bstardigital's cutting-edge technology and our team of experts to build and sell top-notch digital business solutions. Our innovative tech combined with the expertise of our professionals will help you deliver exceptional products to your clients.

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